Week 30

April 17, 2014

Hello it’s me again, this week I did ultimate Frisbee and it was so much fun because I scored twice. So did you do anything cool this week? We are just about to have Friday fun lunch; one thing I am going to do is play on my Kindle. If I have never told you, I am very athletic. So what are you good at? I am good at a lot of things like sports; that is what I am best at. I am good at every sport because I am naturally athletic. So do you have a favorite sport? My favorite sport is basketball.


April 16, 2014

Mountains and oceans



Have you ever wondered how oceans and mountains affect our weather? Have you ever wondered  how some times the weather is dry in some areas and when others are rainy? Mountains and oceans can change your climate and affect your temperatures. In my report, I will show you how mountains and oceans can affect our climate.



Mountains can affect our climate. When you live on a mountain you are far up so it is so cold, you also have a very low temperature. You will also have no rain if you are on the opposite side of the mountain because it can’t get over to you. So that means that you live in a dry area with no water.  That is how mountains affect us and our weather.


Oceans can effect our climates by over flowing the land we live on. That is why we build a sand dune, so when big waves come to us we don’t have to move out of our cities. There are also other things we have to watch out for, like title waves and a lot of other things like tsunamis they are like a wave but a lot WORSE! That is what makes them so scary. So what did you learn from what I wrote?



Week 29

April 11, 2014

So this week I did research and it was awesome, I also had a track meet and I got 2nd place out of seven schools. So did you do anything cool this week? We also have TCAPS coming up soon. I love the track meet so much, and I got in second place so I get to go to the next track place. There was a lot more people who made it to the finals. Some of my best friends made it to the finals.

Week 28

April 4, 2014

Hello, it’s me again. This week there is the final four in basketball. We also did friday fun lunch; it was fun because I played on my kindle fire. I also had to study for the TCAPS. We also have TCAPS that are a big test coming up soon. We also have the sumdog competition and I am in eighth place in my class. So have you been in a competition lately? Dominic had his birth day at jump jam. I got hit in the nose with a baseball this Thursday. So what did you do this Tuesday?





By, see you later!!!


April 3, 2014


By:Shea Bell


So have you ever wondered how people can tell if you have a broken bone or how much you weigh, or how you can see the stars? People can tell how much you weigh by using a scale. Have you ever wondered how they can tell if you have a broken bone? You use an X- ray?  Have you ever wondered how you can see the stars? It is called a telescope. These are things scientists use every day.


The X-ray works by a thing that can see in your body kind of like a microscope but is is over the part that you think is broken then they tell you what bone is broken or if it is not broken. The scale has information in it that tells you how much you weigh. So what are you familiar with?



The telescope is one of the things I am not to familiar with because I do not understand quite how they work. So is there a science machine you are not familiar with? So what is something you are not familiar wit, or what you are familiar with?


Another one is the space ship, I just don’t understand how it moves. I also don’t understand how it is built because it is so big that I don’t understand how it gets in the air. It goes so fast and is is so heavy. So is there something you do not understand how it moves? Hope I see you again.



Week 27

March 28, 2014

This week we sadly did not have our teacher but we had a sub. On friday we don’t  get to go outside for recesses because it is raining  but we are going to play inside, so what are you doing this week.




by: Shea


March 28, 2014



The cell has many different parts. The main parts are:Cell Wall, Nucleus,Cell Membrane,Vacuole,Chloroplast,Cytoplasm, and the Mitochondria,Chlorophyl. The main part is the Nucleus. It controls the other cells.The cell membrane controls food that can come in.  The next main part is the cell wall, it helps you block all the bad stuff that tries to come in the cells are.


The plant is so much different because it has the Chlorophyl, and the Cell Wall. The animal has nothing that is totally different than the plant. It is what every animal and every human to. But the Plant is different because it has a lot of stuff. We don’t need sun to live we need food and water though. The plant also still need water to live in the world. The plant has to stay on the ground because it has roots that make it stay where it is. The animal has legs that help it walk and run just like us.


A plant is nether predator or prey.The plant needs the sun to eat and live.They don’t need food like we need food to live.So there is not to many ways for them to die because there are thousands of them in the whole earth. So what do you know about plants before I wrote this?



Week 26

March 14, 2014

Hello, it’s me again. This week I did research, I also did Frida y fun lunch. So what did you do this week,  I loved this WEEK!!!!!!!! Did you love this week. What are you doing  on spring brake?

My research

March 14, 2014


by: Shea Bell


People in space eat with a fork and a knife just like us, but they use a chain to keep there food in a little place to eat. They also have to take baths weird. They take baths like this  when they have one that they can open to use the restroom.


I chose Buzz Aldrin and he was famous, for putting his kids name on the moon. He also was the 12 person on the moon.He was also my favorite astronaut . So who is your favorite astronaut, or astronauts’?

Week 25

March 7, 2014

Hello how are you today? What did you do this week? We got out of school for some rain that was not even that bad. How many days have you been out for? I did twin day with a friend named Austin. He is a really good friend. So are you if you read my blogs! I will help you someday when you are in trouble. This week I did my book report on technologies for horses. HOPE YOU HAD A GOOD DAY!!!!!!!!!