Top 10 list

May 20, 2014

1 I Love having the best teacher in the world


2 I love doing T CAPS with him


3 I love playing video games during free times


4 I love playing capture the flag with him

6 I love playing games out sider dor him

So what are you good at?

My wordle

May 20, 2014

Week 33

May 16, 2014

Hello, it’s me again so this is it I am dine with my blog. I love all my followers so thank you all for reading what I have to say no matter what. So see you soon. So well this is good by I love all my followers. :D. BYE            I AM SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 8, 2014














Handy Legs

By:Shea Bell

One day Shella and I were showing off are skills and I was so fast, the time it took her to run around the Castle, by the time she ran  around it twice was the times she ran around it once. When she finished, she said I was faster than humans. I said they are so fast I could never run faster than one. She said my friend Joe was bigger then us dwarfs. He was twice  size of me.


Shella said, the dwarf track meet is this week. It is? Oh well I don’t think I can make it. Yes, you can easily make it. I made it. Well I am scared to race against all my friends and make it and they don’t. Well every body thinks sally will win it because girls are faster.Well who do you think will win it Shella? You because you are so fast I could never get faster than you. Well I really am not that fast.


The next day I got the results Shella said Shea you won. I am scared to do it in front of all those people. Don’t worry you just need to do your best. That day he won all of his races then the real race came up and he won. Later he figured out he won by a whole lot. The announcer came up to Shea and said you are playing against humans next. No!!!!!They are so mean. No actually they agreed he could do it. but if he lost dwarfs would never be able to race against humans ever again.

Chapter 2

Later that day he agreed to race in the big races. He won, then a mean person who lost to him kick him 100 feet in the air. He fell in a tree and he lived easily from the fall. People were so surprised! They put him in the hardest races for humans he won that by a dwarf head. Then the crowd went wild it was the first time ever that a dwarf has won the fastest humans races. People said he would have to fight something but nobody said anything.


He was some how scared to. So all the dwarfs went back to the castle. Then all that night he just kept getting night mares all night. Then in the morning  he went for a long jog. Then when he got home every body was doing there normal thing. then they all came up and said we have the fastest dwarf in the world.



So they all said you are so fast. Then they all said we love you Shea. So who wants to play tag sally your it. She never caught any body till Shea let her tag him. She was so happy the Shea caught somebody 5 seconds later. Then later that day Shea and Shella.


Later that day he could tell that he was getting faster. Shella noticed it because she ran around the castle once,he had ran around it three times. Then he got so fast he could almost run on water without anything.


Chapter 3


He went to bed that night he got hungry, he came out side and then he saw a big human who said,”why are you in this land of darkness I am in my castle with all my pals. Why are you so strong looking? I am the fastest runner in the world. You are the one I am looking for. Why me? You are the one who will fight the goblins with your so called pals. You are the next one in  line. Why me? You are the chosen one. I don’t believe that. It’s true well why me. It says the one in a long line of relatives it has been a thousand years since the army has been defeated, if you lose you will lose your power. No!!! Wait…. If you win you get to be the fastest person ever. The next ones in line will never have the same power as you.


So you need to pick a best friend for this trip…..Shella!!! I’ve never heard that name in my life….Hey that is my best friend you are talking about!!! So you will leave tonight with her and all your other friends. If you die your friend will die! No!!! So do you except the challenge? I guest so. Well lets go fight. Sssssshhhhhhh…. If they here me they will kill me. Ok. I said later tonight. Ok. So you need ti kill there king to still have your powers. So do you think you can beet him yes you need practice.



Chapter 4

So what time 11:00 ok. Do I have to kill the king. Yes!!! But… You have to kill there king!!! Ok!!! You have ti fight it with a sword. So If you do not kill it. So what is the king like? You don’t want to know. So is he nice or mean. He’s mean. So is he nice to you. No see why I have one eye that is what he did to me when I fought him. So will he kill me? Yes… He is the meanest person in the world oh…


That night they got there it was so ugly to live in. it was so cool.So then there whole army came out while Shea went and fought the evil goblin king.So what is the matter Shella said when I killed him well I just feel bad for attacking the goblin army.


So then we shot the last soldier it was so weird what they did when we killed the last one.They just laid there like they were frozen. Then the king got up and he was mad. When he got up he was so hurt why did you kill……Who are you. I am…. Then he was dead.


Then all the dwarfs went home all except for: Shea,Shella and the old person. He said to Shea you are a strong lad.So who are you human? My name is Zack sorry for not telling  you my name. So why did we fight that you’ll see in a minute.

Chapter 5


Later this week all the dwarfs went home except for us. Then he went to a magic land with all there friends too. Then they all lived happily ever after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!













Week 31

May 2, 2014

Hello its me again,we had theTCAPS this week. It was very fun because we got to play the whole rest of the day.So what did you do exiting this week? If you are in school how is it? We also did our garden this week.

Week 31

April 25, 2014

Hello it’s me again, what did you do this week? This week we planted carrots, we also planted all kinds of seeds. I also have friday fun lunch, so brought my kindle. Do you have a device? I made track but I sadly have  a base ball game at the same time. Have you ever missed out on something cool? Don’t worry I still get to go to the track meet.

Week 30

April 17, 2014

Hello it’s me again, this week I did ultimate Frisbee and it was so much fun because I scored twice. So did you do anything cool this week? We are just about to have Friday fun lunch; one thing I am going to do is play on my Kindle. If I have never told you, I am very athletic. So what are you good at? I am good at a lot of things like sports; that is what I am best at. I am good at every sport because I am naturally athletic. So do you have a favorite sport? My favorite sport is basketball.


April 16, 2014

Mountains and oceans



Have you ever wondered how oceans and mountains affect our weather? Have you ever wondered  how some times the weather is dry in some areas and when others are rainy? Mountains and oceans can change your climate and affect your temperatures. In my report, I will show you how mountains and oceans can affect our climate.



Mountains can affect our climate. When you live on a mountain you are far up so it is so cold, you also have a very low temperature. You will also have no rain if you are on the opposite side of the mountain because it can’t get over to you. So that means that you live in a dry area with no water.  That is how mountains affect us and our weather.


Oceans can effect our climates by over flowing the land we live on. That is why we build a sand dune, so when big waves come to us we don’t have to move out of our cities. There are also other things we have to watch out for, like title waves and a lot of other things like tsunamis they are like a wave but a lot WORSE! That is what makes them so scary. So what did you learn from what I wrote?



Week 29

April 11, 2014

So this week I did research and it was awesome, I also had a track meet and I got 2nd place out of seven schools. So did you do anything cool this week? We also have TCAPS coming up soon. I love the track meet so much, and I got in second place so I get to go to the next track place. There was a lot more people who made it to the finals. Some of my best friends made it to the finals.

Week 28

April 4, 2014

Hello, it’s me again. This week there is the final four in basketball. We also did friday fun lunch; it was fun because I played on my kindle fire. I also had to study for the TCAPS. We also have TCAPS that are a big test coming up soon. We also have the sumdog competition and I am in eighth place in my class. So have you been in a competition lately? Dominic had his birth day at jump jam. I got hit in the nose with a baseball this Thursday. So what did you do this Tuesday?





By, see you later!!!